Wellbeing in the Workplace

Stress, Anxiety and Depression were cited as the reason for 44% of all work-related illness and accounted for 12.8 million lost working days in 2019 (HSE figures). Considering SME’s (0-50 Employees) equate to 99% of the organisations in the UK, mental health and the wellbeing of your workforce, your team, your number one asset is paramount. The question is, are you PRO-active or RE-active?

From Schools to Engineers, Lawyers to Architects, Clinics to Call Centres,  Manufacturing to Hospitality and Charities to Public Sector, no organisation is immune to the pressures of work and balancing that with life at home – your health, mortgage, finances, time with your spouse, caring for your children, enjoying ‘free’ time……..So, what could this actually mean for you and your team?

Here at Tip the Balance we focus on working with businesses and organisations, large or small, to help them increase productivity and results by supporting individuals with their mindset, habits, health and wellbeing.  This might be by taking a look at their eating and exercising habits. Equally it may be looking at factors both outside and inside work that effect their productivity, ability to focus, organise their time, manage their expectations or achieve some semblance of work-life balance.

We all know we have a responsibility to look after the pastoral needs of our teams, but how do we find the time, space, expertise 'in house' to do that? The truth is, most organisations don't have the resource available, or actually just don't want to do it themselves...and that's OK.

Finding that resource from another partner, like us at Tip the Balance, provides a great solution through our Retainer Support Program - a regular number of paid hours of support provision for the team where they can access support as and when they need it, on a 1-to-1, online or in-person format.

Through our Referral Partners here at Tip the Balance they will also have access to other professionals to provide them with the most suitable support for their own individual needs.

Talk to us more about how this could work for you and your workplace team.

“These sessions have improved my understanding of the trigger and impact of the stresses and anxieties in my personal life. I am understanding the stresses for my family members better and am more confident to help them through it. I am also kinder to myself, not giving myself such a hard time and this is having a positive effect on my parenting too.” J – Finance


I have also had the privilege of being invited into schools to talk to the students about their time at school, the life skills we pick up along our journey through education and work, and how resilience, adaptability and courage shape our futures.

Whatever your organisation, sessions are tailored to suit your needs, often based on size, team dynamics and your own observations. After an initial introductory session and some fact-finding, these might include large group education sessions, small group workshops and/or individual one-to-one sessions where additional support may be required. Programs start from £150 for remote/online workshop sessions, to £500 for a full day, with reduced packages for longer term / regular commitments. What are you looking for by engaging in this program?

Regular feedback is an essential part of this process and, whilst the specific challenges faced by individuals remain confidential, overall patterns and analysis of information provides a valuable tool in creating culture change and a chance to reflect on your systems and processes. This can be as tough to hear as it is to deliver, but, at Tip the Balance, we believe that this honest and authentic look at life in your business or organisation is essential if you truly have the wellbeing of your team, and indeed yourselves as Managers, at heart.


So, if you think you might benefit from a new set of eyes and ears to work with you, your team, or your students, then please get in touch for a chat about your challenges and requirements, and to arrange an initial visit.

“In my opinion it is good to have someone to talk to, share opinions about different problems at work and in life, and take feedback. In the workshop sessions is also good to see and hear the opinions of others. I find it a really useful outlet to speak about issues that I am not comfortable discussing otherwise.” D – Project Manager