FAQs, How to book a 121 and other frequently asked questions about Tip the Balance.

Working with my clients in the past, I have found they generally have a few questions they need answered before they feel they can commit to booking a session with me – great! Let’s see if the information below helps you make the right decision for you!

How do I book a 121?

There are several ways you can book into a one-to-one (121) session with me. Click on this link to book a session www.calendly.com/tipthebalance/60-minute-121 and find a time to suit you. Give me a call on 07721 907780 and we can book a convenient time into our diaries; email me on rebecca@tipthebalance.life and I’ll send you some time slots to see if any suit you; use the Contact Me form at www.tipthebalance.life and we can arrange a time like that.  Initially we may need a 2-hour time slot to get together and obviously allow time for you to get to and from my house in Winterbourne in South Gloucestershire (BS36) so you may need to book 2 consecutive slots on the calendly link above/ If in doubt, give me a call!

What is involved in a 121 session?

Generally, 121 sessions happen at my house, away from the distractions of your home/workplace. There are times though when it is more convenient to meet between the two of us and this can be arranged if we can find a suitable quiet and private location.

During our session we will look at many aspects of life – your typical day, your routines, your domestic situation, your habits, foods you like/dislike if it;s a nutrition consultation, social life, hobbies, other commitments. If our focus is on food, there's often so much more comes into that than what we are putting in our mouth! We will talk about what you want to achieve through working with me and then create a plan as to how we can achieve that together, in small, manageable steps.

How much do 121 sessions cost?

A 2-hour 121 session for your initial consultation is £85. Thereafter a stand-alone hour session costs £50. Prior to this you will receive a questionnaire to complete and return so that I can prepare for your session and structure the framework for our 121. Subsequent 121 sessions can be booked later or there are a number of monthly support packages to suit your needs at any one time in your support program.

How can I pay?

It is possible to pay in cash, by card on the day, or by BACS transfer prior to your appointment.

What do I need to bring along?

Prior to your session you will be sent a questionnaire, by email. It is really important to fill this in AND RETURN IT as soon as possible, because it provides the framework for a productive session. You should only need to bring along a notepad and pen (if you like to take notes – not compulsory) and either cash or card to pay for your session.

What level of commitment do I have to give when I sign up to the 121 session?

You can attend a 121 session and receive the follow up action plan as a one-off interaction. However, I find with most of my clients that it is the ongoing support and review cycle, working in partnership, that helps them achieve their long-term goals. At you 121 session we will review your options for future support, but you are under no obligation to sign up to a direct debit at that point. We will speak again after 48 hours to decide how best to work together moving forwards.

It is always worth remembering that sometimes it has taken us years to get to the point where we need to address our challenges. It is unreasonable to believe we will rectify them all in 2 weeks. Change takes commitment – there is no hiding from that fact.

What comes next?

There is a scale of commitment available, ranging from weekly check-in calls, monthly reviews to quarterly 121s. Deciding what is the right step for you will be easier when we know what your own individual plan of attack looks like! We will review all of this in your 121 and you’ll have 48 h to decide what steps to take.