I am a strong believer in sourcing products that are natural, kind and will work in harmony with our bodies. However, I also scrutinise the ethos of the companies I partner with and choose carefully whose products I recommend to my clients. Not all clients need product support, but if they do, I want to know I am recommending the very BEST I can find.

This is why I have chosen to work with products from Forever - The Aloe Vera Company and Moonlit CBD amongst others - strong values, strong ethics, strong leadership, clear vision.


In 2011 I came across a brand leading supplier of exceptional natural health and wellbeing products. For 40 years, Forever Living Products have demonstrated a commitment to finding nature’s best ingredients and pairing them with the latest in scientific advancements. As a postgraduate research scientist, the good science behind these products made me sit up and pay attention! The purpose of this association – to help you and your family look and feel the very BEST you can.

Rex Maughan founded Forever in 1978 with a vision to bring the tremendous health benefits of aloe vera to people all around the world in order to help them look and feel better, and for them to help others spread that word and do the same. From day one, his passion has been to do things the right way and this is one of the things that makes me enormously proud to work with these outstanding products and my team of business owners.

Forever’s passion for aloe vera means they treat their plants a little differently. Unlike competitors who use bulky equipment, Forever aloe is nurtured, harvested and filleted by hand to delicately extract the potent inner leaf gel within hours of harvest, and provide you with the highest quality, purest and freshest aloe, just as nature intended. The scientifically advanced products with which Forever combine their aloe simply complement and enhance its benefits.

As a company, Forever control every step of the process, from plant to tube or bottle, to you the client. This philosophy ensures they maintain control over growth, harvesting, manufacture, packaging and distribution to make sure you get the very BEST quality product in forms that are as close to the living plant as possible – the benefit of that – the greater bioavailability of the nutrients therein.

"I initially met Becca when I realised she sold the Forever Living products. I had been buying them for years and it was great to have someone local to buy from them. Her knowledge of the products is incredible. This is someone who isn't just selling, but really understanding the make up and purpose of the product."

Forever were the first company to receive the Seal of Approval accreditation from the Aloe Science Council for content and purity. They do not test their products on animals and many feature the Kosher, Halal and Islamic Society Seals of Approval too. All products are also covered by a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee.

Not all of my clients will need to purchase products. Some may like to look at products because they are keen to use products for themselves, their families and around their homes that are natural, safe and GM free. Other clients may need supplements or products to support their journey towards a change in lifestyle and health.

As part of your consultation, we will look at whether any of these products are suitable for you.

A full catalogue of Forever products can be found at the following website:

where you can browse the catalogue, buy directly and arrange delivery to your door!


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