The human body is incredible! Given the right conditions it can heal itself through the remarkable process of self-regeneration, using its systems for regeneration, rejuvenation and rebuilding, all supported by an intricate Immune System. Our good health relies on a homeostatic or balanced state whereby we provide the right fuels and the best conditions possible to thrive. Does this sound like your life?

Good health relies on us balancing stress levels, how well our body breaks down foods by digestion, how efficiently we absorb the nutrients in the food we eat, how effectively we transport them round the body in our circulation and making sure we eliminate waste from our systems. How is your balance?

Good nutrition is fundamental to good health; after all, you wouldn’t try to run the sports car of your dreams on dodgy fuel you got on the cheap or ropey old oil you bought off some fella in a layby! We need to feed the 37 trillion cells in our body with the best nutrition possible to allow them to function optimally in all these processes. If we don’t, those cells cannot perform the functions paramount to our health, and they die. Our health truly begins and ends at this cellular level.

We all live ridiculously busy lives. Our shopping, cooking and eating habits now are a world apart from our ancient predecessors. The stresses of work, family life, relationships, money and living in uncertain times all take their toll. However, if we take our health for granted and don’t commit to taking responsibility for being and staying well, more and more of us end up unwell, having ignored the warning signs. The truth is, we are all in varying stages of wellness or unwellness, but illness is the final stage of the problem.

"It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you want to change something about the way you eat. I had got stuck and just didn’t know where to start. There’s so much in the media that had just confused me! Rebecca helped me make some really simple changes that I could manage around our busy family life. Now I feel healthier and much more in control of my eating habits."

So are you feeling tired, fatigued, irritable, suffering digestive problems, stomach cramps, skin problems, struggling to concentrate, putting on or losing weight for no apparent reason? Something needs to change right?

Our first stage is to sit together, one to one, and look at what life is like for you right now. We will look at your shopping, cooking and eating habits, family situation and all your existing commitments – identifying everything that could get in the way of change. Then we will make a plan moving forward, based on your goals and what is realistic, achievable and manageable for you. Your support package moving forwards is the designed with your success in mind.

So if you are looking to feel well, eat better, tackle a specific problem, lose weight, gain weight, break a cycle, identify an intolerance, build a better relationship with food, the list goes on...Get in touch and let’s see what changes we can make to take you along a better path towards good nutrition, better balance and good health.