About Tip the Balance

I am ‘Becca, a Mum of two, a Nutrition Practitioner and a Wellbeing Coach, working in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.


My business, Tip the Balance, was created in 2011 after the birth of my 2nd child. I struggled to juggle work and home life and decided that being at home was the right move for my family as well as for me. However, until then, I had been a professional in my own right; a postgraduate research scientist and a teacher. I felt I had lost all my confidence and identity as an individual and that my role had become the facilitator of everyone else’s life. Everything was out of balance.

It was time to look at options to redress that balance in terms of my health and my options for any kind of working life. I wanted to find myself again. I began to look at what I was eating, what I was doing in terms of exercise and the products I was using to support my busy life. I knew things needed to change, but that these changes had to fit in with my role as a wife, a parent, a business woman and not drive me insane or cause more stress!

I’m proud to work with global brand leading products in natural health, and some of these products helped me to feel well again in my 40s. My body has regained balance by being more conscious of what goes into it. It functions better than it ever did in my 20s or 30s as I am also far more active than I ever was then! I was also inspired by my children to go back to learning and complete my Diploma in Natural Nutrition and continue my professional development in Nutrition to Support Allergies and Intolerances.

Our passion as a family is being outdoors and active. The boys have lots of sporting club commitments and I love to run (kinda), train regularly in yoga and pilates, and am an avid fan of and Instructor in Nordic Walking. This role in particular enables me to teach other people to benefit from the great outdoors as part of one of the fastest growing and super inclusive fitness movements of our time!

These aspects of life and experience have led me to develop my practice and incorporate wellbeing coaching into the Tip the Balance 'offerings'. Whilst some people might refer to this as 'life-coaching', others are put off this term by the 'buzz-wordy' sound of it - "the kind of thing other people might do, but not me".

My wellbeing coaching sessions really look at helping you to rebalance whatever aspects of your life are just not quite going the right way. What is causing you frustration or dissatisfaction right now? How would you rather see that situation changing? What's stopping you from taking those all-important steps towards change? Many people have found themselves in a situation of great change and are simply paralysed by their situation, separation, redundancy, promotion, parenthood, family changes, relocations, feeling stuck, all manner of things. So whether it's a sounding board, a planner, a 'talk you into' or 'talk you out of' kind of need you have, get in touch and we can explore what your next steps might be.

In my Workplace Wellbeing practice I focus on working with businesses, to help them increase productivity and results by supporting individuals with their mindset, habits, health and wellbeing.  This can be offered in the workplace itself, or over the online facilities that we have all needed to embrace during the lockdown of 2020!

So What Can I Do For You?

My purpose is to help YOU be the very BEST you can be!

Working with you, we will look at your food choices or lifestyle decisions, hobbies and recreations, time management for ‘you time’, your challenges and frustrations and, if appropriate, support any changes your need to make with outstanding natural products. By taking these manageable steps, my clients and customers find they begin to restore that balance in themselves too.

There are so many options available to us to explore if we open our minds to what a balanced body needs. I’m connected with a huge network of other professional instructors, therapists and practitioners who can help you explore many other options to reset and restore.

So are you looking for better health, better life balance, better productivity or focus but just don't know where to start?

Contact me to find out how I can help you.