Walks & Wellbeing

Good health could be defined as living fully and rhythmically with every part of our being – body, mind and spirit.

“Dis-ease” results from a lack of optimal conditions for our body to thrive. These may be mental, physical or spiritual conditions so it is hugely important to consider the wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. The greater we are out of resonance, the more we suffer pain and disease. The fundamentals of self-healing rely on good food, sufficient rest and application of the appropriate nutrients. However, all of these things rely on us making the decision to care enough, to take responsibility for our ‘state’ and make some changes that we can stick to.

My wellbeing coaching sessions really look at helping you to rebalance whatever aspects of your life are just not quite going the right way. What is causing you frustration or dissatisfaction right now? How would you rather see that situation changing? What's stopping you from taking those all-important steps towards change? Many people have found themselves in a situation of great change and are simply paralysed by their situation, separation, redundancy, promotion, parenthood, family changes, relocations, feeling stuck, all manner of things. So whether it's a sounding board, a planner, a 'talk you into' or 'talk you out of' kind of need you have, get in touch and we can explore what your next steps might be.

For many people, “Exercise” is a word that makes us groan, shy away, or relive horrible memories of PE lessons at school and embarrassing moments we would rather forget! We are adults though, so let’s take a different approach! What do you actually enjoy doing? What do you have the time to do? Do you want your exercise routines to have social benefits as well as health benefits? As part of your consultation we will look at all these aspects and more, and build a bespoke plan for you to achieve your goals.

"I met Becca a few months ago when she became a Nordic walking instructor. I have to say she’s an amazing and inspirational person. How she supports and encourages us all, she is full of knowledge and advice. I can honestly say that she plays a big part in my onward recovery from breast cancer last year."

Stress is the single greatest cause of ill health in society today. Severe stress releases a flood of toxins into our body which suppress the immune system and make us susceptible to disease. The impact of stress is not only physical, but mental and emotional too. If we can recognise our stressors and respond appropriately, we manage our stress better and the impact is reduced.  Physically, our bodies respond the same way, whatever the source of stress. Emotions that we struggle to express can also lead to a physical manifestation and no amount of physical or medical intervention can relieve the problem until the underlying emotional causes are addressed.

We will look at the chemical/dietary stresses that may be present in your life during your consultation. We will then look at your risks of physical stress through your physical activities and lifestyle, then identify what emotional or spiritual support, if any, you might like to consider.

As an advocate of ‘green wellbeing’ and being outdoors, we can look at all manner of options for both your physical activity levels, your social stimulation and your emotional wellbeing. Through my many connections with local therapists, holistic healthcare workers and alternative specialist practitioners in the area, I can connect you to people I know and trust, taking some of the mystery out of this approach to good, all round health. I am also a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor and regular Tip the Balance Wellbeing Walks (with or without your walking poles) take place here in our little corner of South Gloucestershire. If you're interested in Learn to Nordic Walk Courses, please get in touch via the email below for our latest dates!

Contact us via email at : walking@tipthebalance.life

 Being outside and experiencing some 'big sky' can help gain a great deal of perspective when life is getting on top of you. If you have yet to experience this fantastic and relatively new outdoor pursuit, or just need some encouragement and company to lace up your boots and get moving, I cannot recommend it highly enough for an all over workout and a fantastic social circle to embrace! Email us to find out more!

Our goal: to develop a bespoke plan for you to address your dietary, physical and emotional balance to restore you to good health.


In my Wellbeing in the Workplace practice I focus on working with businesses, to help them increase productivity and results by supporting individuals with their mindset, habits, health and wellbeing.  This can be offered in the workplace itself, or over the online facilities that we have all needed to embrace during the lockdown of 2020!


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