New Life and New Hope

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I think about lots of things sitting on top of a big hill!

Yesterday was a strange yet wonderful day - reflecting on losing my husband Chris 4 years ago whilst striding out for a 6 hour, 12 mile hike in the forest, hills and along the coast with my new partner Adam; toasting and remembering all that was, which has led me to all that is.


Chris was killed in a road traffic accident on 6th September 2016, knocked off his motorbike by an old lady pulling out of a hotel car park after a lovely lunch with a friend. That day changed our lives forever and devastated my 2 boys, then aged just 6 and 9.

Whilst sitting on a hill today I was taken back to my A level biology class - ecology in particular. I looked at the growth around me, from the simple, most primitive mosses, to the grasses, the ferns, the shrubs and trees, all growing after the devastation of the fires they use to clear patches of forest for regrowth.

Life begins again, right from those tiny single celled pioneers, those simple primary colonisers bravely fighting in the charred and barren landscape, right up to the deep-rooted trees that can bend and flex in the breeze but also weather the mightiest of storms when they come. The greater beings cannot exist without the smaller things  preparing the way; laying the groundwork, enriching the conditions for survival.

There are reminders all around us that, even in the wake of devastation, those early steps to grow again, lead to a whole new wealth of life around us. Others grow alongside us, some feed and protect us, some thrive on our presence. We are all in the most fantastic symbiotic existence if we are willing to be, to give, to share and to receive. 


This takes courage; a willingness to show vulnerability; it takes bravery to let people in.

But take those steps - give and grow. 


I know you will weather whatever life brings your way.